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Being accused of sexual misconduct can be a devastating experience. At Sitake & Wright we have the experience to guide you or your family member through this difficult time. Over the years our experienced lawyers have handled hundreds of sex crimes, including sexual battery, object rape, lewdness, lewdness involving a child, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault of a child, rape, rape of a child, object rape of a child, sexual abuse of a child, enticement of a child over the internet, sexual exploitation of a minor, dealing in harmful materials to a child by an adult, and many more.


Our skills and understanding can make this process easier as you or your family member fight for freedom. Having handled hundreds of sexual misconduct cases, we can guild you through the the accusations against you or your family member. We know how to analyze the evidence and craft the best defense possible.

Punishments for Sexual Misconduct Cases

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Sexual misconduct punishments can be some of the most harsh of any criminal charges and carry punishments that range from 25 years to life in prison, all the way down to a maximum of 6 months in jail.


Additionally, if convicted, many of the charges require that the defendant register on the sex offender registry for up to life. The seriousness of the allegations against you or your family member require aggressive and experienced trial attorneys.

Being charged with a sexual misconduct case isn’t the end of the world


When facing such serious charges, it may seem like all is lost. Don’t panic and we will talk you through this process and begin planning an aggressive defense. Call (801)882-5490, day or night and ask for J.C. or (801) 865-6087 and ask for Pona. 

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