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Specializing in Criminal Defense, DUI, Personal Injury, Estate Planning and Contract Review.





If you've been accused of a felony offense, let our experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys aggressively Defend your Constitutitional Rights. Our unique team has the insight of the prosecution and the experience of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. This allows us to help you navigate the complex criminal justice system. 

The outcome of your case can have a lasting impact on your future. This is where our experienced team can help ensure you are not left alone and that you receive the best posible outcome. We will be with you at each hearing, from start to finish, ensuring your rights are protected along the way. 


Being accused of sexual misconduct can be a devastating experience. At Sitake & Wright we have the experience to guild you or your family member through this difficult time. Over the years our experienced lawyers have handled hundreds of sex crimes. Having handled hundreds of sexual misconduct cases, we can guild you through the the accusations against you or your family member. We know how to analyze the evidence and craft the best defense possible.



Any person under 18 who is accused of violating the law falls under the jursidiction of the Utah Juvenile Court System. Additionally, any minor over the age of 14 who is accused of a serious crime involving an aggravating element, can be charged as an adult under the Serious Youth Offender law in Utah. Our team has handled these sensitive matters. We are equipped to navigate these complex proceedings and obtain the best possible resolution for our clients. 



Our experienced attorneys have handled thousands of DUIs. Allow us to help you preserve your driving privileges at Driver License hearings. Additionally, part of our DUI defense is to ensure that police officers have complied with constiutional and statutory safeguards. Having an experienced attorney study your case and defend you, can help save time, money, and even avoid jail.


From simple Wills and Health Care Directives to complex Trusts and Durable Power of Attorney, we offer affordable solutions to help meet your unique needs. Our "Trust package" is competitive in pricing and we will take care of everything you need to protect your assets and direct them according to your desires. 


If you've been injured in an accident, it can be difficult to figure out what to do. This process can be overwhelming and you might miss your window of opportunity to be compensated. Knowing whether or not you have enough for a lawsuit is something we can help you with.


Whether your business needs a simple contract or an operating agreement requiring independent review, our attorneys can handle it. We have experience in reviewing contracts from Public and Private Universities, Governmental Entities, and Large Corporations. We have reviewed thousands of contracts and can draft, advise and review at a reasonable rate.



At Sitake & Wright we are passionate about helping people through difficult times. We love those we serve and seek to provide our services in a meaningful way. We want to leave a lasting impact on the communites we live in, along with the underrepresented communities we serve. Our mission is to educate and empower those overlooked by society through our legal services and community outreach projects.

Our first and primary objective is getting our clients the results they need. The combined experience of a seasoned criminal defense attorney, combined with the knowledge and experience of a former prosecutor, creates a formula of success few firms have to offer. We seek to understand your concerns and help create solutions to help you move forward with life. In some instances a jury trial is necessary. With Sitake & Wright, we pride ourselves in winning at trial. Both J.C. and Pona have winning records at trial and pride themselves in their ability to connect with juries.

Sitake & Wright also provides competent and competitive pricing on Estate Plans. Whether it's a simple Will or complex Trust, allow us to assist and help guide you through the process to ensure that both you and your loved ones are taken care of when that enevitable day comes. Additionally, our team of attorneys have spent thousands of hours doing Contract Review. No matter what your legal issue is allow our team to help guide you through the process. 




Tel: 801-865-6087

Pona is the eldest son of a Tongan-Immigrant Father and Native American Mother. After graduating from Granite High School in South Salt Lake, Pona served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and labored in the Canada Winnipeg Mission. Pona attended Brigham Young University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Business Management. During law school, Pona clerked for the Brigham Young University Office of the General Counsel. After graduating from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU in 2014, Pona began a clerkship in the 4th District Court of Utah.

Pona enjoyed practicing law with a boutique business law firm in Utah County focusing on civil litigation involving issues like misappropriation of trade secrets and binding arbitration from franchise agreements. At this time Pona found a knack for winning attorney's fees disputes; saving clients thousands of dollars, while also maintaining an estate planning practice. After gaining experience in the civil field, Pona began his work with the Utah County Attorney's Office in the Civil Division in 2016. While in the Civil Division, Pona coordinated with Department heads like the County Health Department and the Department of Alcohol Prevention and Treatment. Pona was also succesful in Defending Utah County in claims for access to Government Records (GRAMA), winning at the Utah Court of Appeals level.

In a quest for learning and new experiences, Pona joined the Utah County Attorney's Office's Criminal Division and began prosecuting cases in Justice Court where he handled hundreds of cases from Drug Possession to DUI and Domestic Violence. After a short time Pona was assigned as the prosecutor in Juvenile Court, where he gained experience in serious crimes such as; rape, sexual abuse of a child, aggrevated assault and attempted murder. As a felony prosecutor in District Court, Pona hanlded assault, drug, DUI, and a number of other types of cases. Pona's experience is not typical of most attorneys, but it's what provides him with the ability to help clients in a unique way.

In his spare time, Pona can be found coaching his sons' sports teams, barbecuing while throwing a football around, wrestling with his children, and playing basketball with friends. He is lucky enough to be married to his lovely wife of 14 years. 


Tel: 801-882-5490

The eldest of nine children, J.C. grew up in the rural west where he and his siblings learned, on a farm, the value of hard work and responsibility. After high school, J.C. served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Spain. Upon his return to the United States, he enrolled in school and later graduated Magna Cum Laude  from Southern Utah University in History and Spanish Literature. He then attended the University of Wyoming College of Law, graduating in 2005. J.C. began practicing law in April of that same year. 


J.C. practicesd criminal defense, bankruptcy, and general civil litigation at the start of his career before focusing on criminal defense and personal injury as his exclusive practice areas. J.C. has successfully defended thousands of people and built a practice based on satisfied clients referring friends and family. 


J.C.’s practice focuses  on sex abuse, retail theft,  dui, drug possession, drug trafficking, domestic violence, assault, aggravated assault, murder, rape, sexual abuse of a child, exploitation,  white collar fraud, fraud, and theft cases. As a Spanish speaker, J.C. also assists immigrants charged with crimes.  J.C. prides himself on his courtroom experience, having handled approximately 10,000 court hearings during the course of his career. 


In his spare time, J.C. loves to read, garden, raise chickens and children, watch classic movies, play and watch sports. He is happily married  to the love of his life for over 20 years. 





474 North Main, Springville, Utah 84660​

Tel:  (Pona) 801-865-6087 | (JC) 801-882-5490

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